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IAB TCF v2.2 effective date

The Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) is an operational framework developed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Europe to help website owners or publishers, vendors, and advertisers to comply with the transparency and consent obligations established by the GDPR.

TCF provides a standardized approach to obtaining user consent for the processing of personal data in the digital advertising ecosystem. It was first launched in 2018 and the IAB has since then launched different versions, with the latest version 2.2 launched in May 2023.


TCF v2.2 implementation : November 20, 2023

Google-certified CMP for TCF v2.2: January 16, 2024

Who does IAB TCF impact?


End-users of your website will have greater transparency and control over how their personal data is being processed and how ad tech vendors will use this data.


Website owners and operators who publish content will have greater control and flexibility over how they integrate with ad tech vendors. 


Third-party advertisers who partner with publishers like you can lawfully process personal data for online advertising and related purposes. 

Prepare for IAB TCF v2.2 with CookieYes

Pre-built TCF v2.2 templates

Access a pre-built IAB-approved TCF v2.2 cookie banner that you can enable with just the click of a button, no manual effort required.

  • Fully compliant banner UI with IAB-recommended text, design and other specifications
  • User-friendly and illustrative descriptions for purposes and features
  • Layout, colour and CSS customisations for optimal user experience

Transparent consent choices

Foster trust in your brand with transparent consent experience for increased user engagement and opt-in rate.

  • Let users configure cookie consent choices easily
  • Display call-back widget to change or withdraw consent
  • Geo-target banner as per location and consent template

Easy vendor management

Integrate with IAB vendors and support Google’s additional consent mode to let users enjoy greater control over how their personal data is processed across ad tech network.

  • Showcase IAB’s global vendor list and Google ATP list
  • Provide granular consent to users for each vendor
  • Show full disclosure of vendor purposes and descriptions

Manage consumer data with consent
and ensure compliance with IAB TCF

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IAB TCF and what you need to do to be compliant

What is IAB Europe?

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Europe is a coalition of digital marketing and advertising ecosystem that includes publishers, advertisers, ad tech vendors, and agencies. One of its major initiatives is the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF), a standard technical framework to enable websites, advertisers, and ad tech vendors to obtain and manage user consent for data processing and targeted advertising.

TCF is the most widely-used framework for GDPR compliance in the advertising industry.  It facilitates the sharing user consent between publishers (via a consent management platform), advertisers, and vendors.

What is IAB TCF v2.2?

TCF v2.2 is the ​​latest version of the Transparency & Consent Framework, released on May 16, 2023. It introduces significant changes to address criticism raised about TCF version 2.0, including:

  • Removal of legitimate interest as a legal basis for advertising and content personalisation.
  • User-friendly text, descriptions of purposes and features.
  • Detailed vendor disclosures with categories of data collected, retention periods, and if legitimate interest applies.
  • The first layer of the Consent Management Platform (CMP) should display the total number of vendors.
  • The CMP’s UI should enable users to withdraw their consent easily.

Why should you implement IAB TCF?

To show personalised ads

Google’s new guidance for using publisher products (AdSense, Ad Manager and AdMob) requires that you implement an IAB TCF v2.2 certified CMP on your site or app.

Publishers who fail to meet these specifications will not be able to show personalized ads to their visitors from Europe and the UK.

Compliance with regulations

TCF enables publishers and advertisers to ensure that they are compliant with privacy regulations, while also providing a better user experience and building trust with their audience.

If targeted advertising plays a part in your business model, TCF lays out standard mechanisms to work with third-party vendors and reduces the risk of non-compliance.

For better ad revenue

By promoting greater transparency, the TCF can help to improve user engagement for ads, leading to more effective campaigns and better ROI for advertisers.

IAB TCF is especially relevant for publishers using Google publisher products in Europe and UK, who may see a drop in ad revenue due to non-compliance with TCF v2.2.


The IAB TCF (Transparency and Consent Framework) is a framework developed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Europe to provide a standardized approach to obtaining user consent for meeting the requirements of privacy regulations. 

A Consent Management Platform (CMP) like CookieYes is a tool that helps website owners or publishers collect, store, and manage user consent for data processing. CMPs help ensure compliance with GDPR and the IAB TCF by providing users with the ability to give, refuse, or revoke consent for data collection and processing.

Yes. CookieYes is a registered CMP compatible with IAB TCF v2.2. You can find CookieYes in the official IAB CMP list.

CookieYes is also a Google Certified CMP for TCF v2.2 compliance and supports Google’s new requirements to serve ads in the EU and UK.

We are also part of Google’s CMP Partner Program for Google Consent Mode ensuring seamless implementation with Consent Mode and Google Tag Manager.

Under the TCF, when a user visits a website or app, a Consent Management Platform (CMP) will ask for consent to collect and process their personal data. The CMP then transmits a machine-readable string that encodes the user’s consent choices(TCF String) to the participants across the ecosystem. Advertisers and other providers use the TCF String to ensure that they only process user data for which they’ve received consent.

The Transparency Consent Framework (TCF) 2.0 has undergone a significant update with the release of TCF v2.2 in May 2023. The deadline for CMPs to implement the new version of IAB is 30 September 2023.

In the wake of the updates, Google announced new requirements that will make using a TCF v2.2 CMP mandatory. Google will require websites that use publisher products to use a Google-certified CMP that is compliant with TCF v2.2 when serving ads in the EEA or the UK.

Read: Google and TCF v2.2: How publishers can stay ahead

Publishers and advertisers will be required to use a TCF v2.2 certified CMP to show personalised ads after the implementation period ends in September.

The IAB Global Vendor List (GVL) is a database of ad tech vendors that participate in the IAB’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) to serve ads or collect data on users. The listed vendors include ad networks, data providers and verification services. The list also includes details about each vendor’s identity, domain, location, and services offered. By using the GVL, advertisers and website publishers can ensure that they are working with trusted vendors who are committed to transparency and compliance with data privacy laws.

Google’s Additional Consent Mode is a feature that allows publishers to gather consent for Google ad partners that are not yet part of the IAB TCF but are listed as Google’s Ad Tech Providers (ATP).

You can enable Google’s additional consent mode on CookieYes and obtain consent if your website uses Google’s ad tech providers.

Here are some links you can refer to for additional reading:

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