We are excited to announce that CookieYes is now officially a Certified Google CMP Partner for Google Consent Mode! 🎉

As a Certified Google CMP Partner, CookieYes enables websites that use our Consent Management Platform to seamlessly integrate with Google Consent Mode. This integration allows website owners to manage user consent and collect data in compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other global privacy laws.

CookieYes has supported Google Consent Mode for over a year now. As an official partner, we are thrilled to be recognised as a privacy-centric solution that can bring value to all Google users.

Cookieyes is now a Google CMP partner

Google services that support Consent Mode

  • Google Ads
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics
  • Gtag
  • Conversion Linker
  • Floodlight


What is Google Consent Mode?

Consent Mode is a feature that helps Google to adjust the behaviour of tags on a website based on user’s consent i.e. whether they gave consent or denied it. The tags will automatically adapt and allow only the cookies that have been consented to. 

Google launched Consent Mode in 2020 as a response to the challenges faced by businesses due to the introduction of data privacy laws like the GDPR and CCPA that regulated the collection of data. It allows businesses to respect user privacy while gaining effective data for analytics and advertising. 

What is Google’s CMP Partner Program?

Google joined hands with Consent Management Platforms or CMPs to ensure easy implementation of Consent Mode on websites and address technical challenges that website owners may face.

Enter CookieYes CMP.

Using CookieYes, you set up a cookie banner in a few clicks, enable Consent Mode and automatically transmit your website users’ choices to Google to ensure continuous compliance. 

As Google CMP Partner, our customer support team will assist to set up Consent Mode and troubleshoot any technical challenges.

What does this partnership mean for our users?

For our valued users, you can use Google’s products and services such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, Floodlight and Conversion Linker effectively without compromising your compliance with privacy regulations. 

By implementing Consent Mode using CookieYes, you can uncover valuable insights about user behaviour and preferences, track conversions from ad campaigns and at the same time foster trust with your audience.

How CookieYes works with Google Consent Mode

Consent Mode is an API that can be enabled on your site by adding a script either through Google’s global site tag (gtag.js) or Google Tag Manager. It then relies on the user’s signals, given via the CookieYes CMP to adjust how its tags should behave.

  • CookieYes CMP will provide the consent infrastructure on your website to collect, manage and store user consent as per the requirements of privacy regulations.
  • Consent Mode will receive user preference signals from CookieYes CMP and will block or limit the functionality of Google tags based on it.
Make your use of data compliant with CookieYes CMP and Google Consent Mode
Make your use of data compliant with CookieYes CMP and Google Consent Mode

How it works

  • When Google receives signals, it will modify how its tags should behave. For instance, if a user rejects consent for analytics or advertising categories, cookies relevant to those categories will not be stored. 
  • If the user hasn’t marked their preferences via our banner Google (by default) will assume that consent is not granted.
  • Please note that CookieYes does not pass any personal data to Google. Only the consent status and information on the cookies accepted or rejected by the user are transmitted to Google.

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    The way forward

    For CookieYes, being a Google CMP Partner Program is a new milestone as we continue to innovate and improve our product. We see this as an opportunity to reach out to a bigger audience and stand our ground as a trusted privacy tool in the market.

    We are grateful to our users and partners for providing valuable feedback and helping us push our boundaries to deliver the best. 

    Stay tuned for more meaningful integrations and new capabilities for a great privacy experience for our users around the globe.