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All-in-one cookie consent app for Shopify

Implement a cookie consent solution on your Shopify store and manage all your cookie compliance needs easily.

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“Be GDPR compliant in just a few minutes!.”

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“Finally a simple, powerful and easy to use cookies and GDPR script manager.”

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Compatible with OS 2.0 and Shopify themes

Lightweight for minimal load and fastest site speed

Stable and secure for the best site experience

Power your compliance with the market leader

Customise banner to match your store’s theme

  • Select custom banner layout, colours and text
  • Display an auto-translating banner in any language
  • Optimised for desktop and mobile devices
  • Add a cookie widget for consent withdrawal

Implement granular cookie control without any coding

  • Auto-block third-party cookies till user gives consent
  • Collect consent for specific cookie categories
  • Edit and manage your cookie list

Automate your cookie consent management

  • Scan your website for an up-to-date cookie list
  • Record user consent logs for proof of consent
  • Generate custom cookie and privacy policy


Get advanced features for foolproof compliance

  • Add custom branding & CSS styling
  • Geo-target your banner for specific locations
  • Implement IAB TCF v2.2 template
  • Schedule monthly cookie scanning

Privacy-proof your Shopify
store instantly

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Integrate on any platform as your business grows

Plan to switch from Shopify to another platform? Connect your app to CookieYes web app and access the complete package!

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Frequently asked questions

Shopify cookie consent – GDPR

Yes, if your Shopify store has visitors from the European Union or the UK, you need to display a cookie consent banner on your website to comply with the cookie consent requirements of the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive. 

You need to display a cookie consent banner that informs users of the cookies used on your website and provides them with an easy way to give their consent. Your site visitors should also be able to withdraw or revoke their consent as easily as they were able to give consent.

Shopify cookie consent – other privacy laws

Privacy regulations around the world such as LGPD Brazil, POPIA South Africa, PIPEDA Canada and so on also require businesses to get consent for collecting a user’s personal data. You can deploy a cookie consent banner to comply. 

Shopify uses cookies that are necessary for the website to function such as authentication cookies and session cookies. Shopify also uses cookies to help personalise user experience including ​​first-party analytics cookies and third-party analytics cookies like Google Analytics to measure how users interact with the website. Advertising cookies are also set by Shopify for the purposes of targeted marketing. You can find the complete list of Shopify cookies here.

You can implement cookie consent on your Shopify website in just 3 simple steps.

  1. Install ‘CookieYes GDPR Cookie Banner’
  2. Sign up to CookieYes
  3. Choose your cookie banner layout and customise it if needed
  4. Copy the cookie banner code and paste it to your Shopify website’s theme

Refer: How to setup and install CookieYes cookie consent on Shopify

Yes! CookieYes has a free forever plan for businesses that are just starting out that not only will ensure cookie consent management but also help you generate a free cookie and privacy policy.

You can move to higher plans with more advanced features as your Shopify store grows. Our pricing plans are affordable and cost-effective for small, medium and fast-growing businesses.

To add a cookie banner or popup on your Shopify website/store, you can install the CookieYes Shopify Cookie Consent App, directly from the Shopify Store.

Once you install and sign up, you can choose a banner template and customise your cookie banner. Then you can copy-paste the banner installation code to your Shopify website.

To ensure that your use of Shopify cookies is compliant with GDPR, here are the steps you can take:

  • Implement a cookie consent banner that informs visitors about the use of cookies and allows them to opt out of their use.
  • Update your Shopify store’s privacy policy to clearly communicate how you collect, use, and store customer data. 
  • Create a cookie policy for your store explaining what cookies are and why they are used on your website. 

You can do all this by installing the Shopify cookie consent banner by CookieYes.

A cookie policy is recommended for any website, including Shopify stores. A transparent cookie policy is essential for compliance with privacy regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union or the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the United States. These regulations require businesses to inform users about the types of cookies used, their purpose, and how users can manage or disable them.

You can add your Shopify cookie policy as a new section within your privacy policy or separately on your website. Generate a custom, auto-updating cookie policy with our Free Cookie Policy Generator.

Refer: How to add cookie policy to your Shopify website

For a Shopify cookie banner, you can use trusted cookie consent apps like CookieYes to add a custom banner with advanced capabilities, without any manual work. First, you can install the app and create your account. Then you can customise your cookie banner, and copy-paste the banner installation code to your Shopify website. Here’s a detailed guide on how to activate cookie consent on Shopify

You can also activate a cookie consent banner on Shopify using the method listed here.