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Getting Started

Chapter 2:

How to Add Cookie Banner on Drupal Website

Welcome to CookieYes! This guide will walk you through how you can install a cookie banner on your Drupal website. A cookie banner will help your website stay compliant with privacy laws like the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive.

In case you have already signed up on CookieYes, without taking any action on the initial setup screens, head to the CookieYes Dashboard. 

  • To customize the cookie banner, select the Cookie Banner from the top navigation panel.
  • To get the banner installation code, head to Site Settings and click on the Get installation code button on the right side of the URL. 
  • Now click on Copy code button to get the CookieYes installation code.

Note: You can share the code with a developer or your team by clicking on Send code to Developer link. Enter the email address and then click on Send Instructions. The recipient will get the code and instructions via email.

Video tutorial: Implement cookie consent on Drupal website

Steps to add cookie consent banner on Drupal

Step 1. Head to your Drupal Dashboard and scroll down to select Extend in the left sidebar.

Step 1 cookie banner installation on drupal

Step 2. Now click on +Install new module.

Step 2 cookie banner installation on drupal

Note: If you do not see + Install new module button, scroll down and enable the Update Manager module and click on Install.

Step 3. To add the installation code on your website, you will use the CookieYes GDPR Consent module. Download module tar.gz or zip file.

Step 4. Then, upload the file and click Install.

Step 3 cookie banner installation on drupal

Step 5. Now you have to enable the uploaded module. Click on Enable newly added modules link. Now, search ‘CookieYes’ and enable ‘Cookie Consent Notice by CookieYes’ and click Install.

Step 4 cookie banner installation on drupal

Step 6. Now click on the module dropdown on the right side and select Configure.

Step 7. Add the installation code in the GDPR Script section and click on Save Configuration.

Step 5 cookie banner installation on drupal


While pasting the code, remove the commented lines that indicate the start and end of the CookieYes code. Only use the portion of the code shown in the image below. The commented lines are HTML encoded in Drupal and the CookieYes banner will not be displayed as a result.

Tip: The ‘Enable CookieYes’ checkbox will allow you to enable or disable the cookie banner from the admin side without removing the code.

Step 8. Head back to the setup screen and click on the Verify button. You will see a success message that your banner is active. 

CookieYes cookie banner activated

The cookie consent banner will be live on your Drupal website! Now, you can complete your website scanning from the CookieYes Dashboard and explore further customizations and features.

We recommend upgrading your Drupal site to a newer version for an enhanced performance.

Still have questions or facing issues? Contact technical support

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