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About CookieYes

CookieYes is an all-in-one cookie consent management platform for businesses. We empower millions of websites around the world to comply with data privacy laws with our dynamic products and outstanding support.

Build tools for a transparent internet

Founded in 2018, we began as a WordPress plugin with the simple aim to make cookie compliance easy for web developers and website owners. We wanted to build a tool that helped businesses to adapt to compliance needs after the GDPR.

The privacy landscape was fast-evolving, and we kept improving our product with iterative changes. As compliance got tougher with new regulations coming up around the world, we built a standalone cookie consent solution.

Fast forward, our portfolio now includes the WordPress plugin, the CookieYes web application, a Shopify app, and our Agency and Affiliate Partner Programs. We are now used by over 1.5 Million websites to comply with data privacy laws like the GDPR, ePrivacy Directive, CPRA, LGPD, Singapore PDPA, and more. As we strive ahead, we always have one goal in mind — to build robust and simple products for a privacy-conscious world.

Deliver value with simplicity

We aspire for simplicity in all things: our product, our business practices, and our work culture. But, achieving simplicity requires relentless work. We strive to streamline the way we work to nurture transparency and communication so we can come together and build products that reflect our values.

We aim to build simple, efficient, and scalable products, deliver value to our customers, and bring out the best in one another. And the collective values that guide our actions are — Integrity, Accountability, Humility, Autonomy, Conscientiousness, and Contribution

A people-first company

We are a team of talented individuals driven to build a great product and have fun doing it. Our team is remotely connected from two time zones, United Kingdom and India.

We foster an environment that balances both collaboration and autonomy. We achieve this through an open-door policy across teams and experience levels that gives our employees a space to ask questions and seek answers.

Our success is not measured by just the bottom line, but by the personal growth of our team. Be it workshops, learning resources, out-of-office experiences, and flexibility to move across roles, we help team members push beyond their comfort zones and achieve their potential.

CookieYes: The go-to choice for compliance

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