What is cookie governance?

Cookie governance refers to the process of managing the use of cookies on your website to comply with data privacy laws. It involves processes that your business sets in place to ensure that you adhere to data privacy principles such as data minimisation, and purpose limitation, and maintain a record of your data processing. 

The key aspects of cookie governance include:

  • A privacy impact assessment (PIA) to assess how a third-party product or service that sets cookies, collects and processes your users’ data. 
  • Privacy or cookie policy update to include information about the new cookies added, the domain that sets the cookie, the category it belongs to, its purpose and duration. 
  • User-facing cookie banner to obtain valid user consent and provide granular control to users.
  • Consent management that involves passing consent signals to other services (like Google Tag Manager and Google Ads) and maintaining a centralized record of user consent.