CookieYes is the #1 solution in cookie compliance technologies with a 22% market share globally. CookieYes consent banners are live on over 1.4 million websites across the world including the UK, US, Germany, France, Denmark, Netherlands and so on.

Our plugin also claims its spot as one of the most popular WordPress plugins in the world! The numbers are a testimony to CookieYes’ reliability as the best-in-class cookie consent tool for compliance with privacy regulations around the world. 

  • CookieYes is a Google-certified CMP Partner, bringing the highest compliance standards for our users.
  • CookieYes is also an IAB-approved CMP partner for TCF v2.2 compliance.

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CookieYes cookie consent solution was launched in 2017 with the mission to make data privacy simpler for businesses worldwide and contribute towards making the internet more transparent. Since then, we have powered more than a billion consents on the internet. Today, global brands such as KFC, Renault, Domino’s, Toyota, Hilton, Reuters, and CNBC trust CookieYes to comply with privacy laws. 

The need for cookie consent

In the digital age, data privacy is critical to how consumers view businesses. A recent study by Cisco found that consumers want transparency and control over how businesses use their data. 

A critical aspect of data privacy laws is cookie consent. Cookies, trackers and similar technologies are considered online identifiers, a part of personal data, and therefore subject to regulations. According to a study, 72% of cookies on a website are set by third parties that may embed other third parties within it, which makes it difficult for website owners to account for all the cookies set on their websites. This is why businesses need to implement consent management on their websites. 

CookieYes has a powerful website scanner that will detect cookies and trackers operating on your website and will enable you to display a cookie banner, obtain valid consent and implement other technical measures to help you comply with privacy laws. Along with advanced capabilities like third-party script blocking, auto-translation and geo-targeting, CookieYes is also continuously evolving in accordance with upcoming regulations, consent frameworks and changing browser standards.  

Top brands that trust CookieYes

Why do businesses use CookieYes?

CookieYes for business owners

  • Take a privacy-first approach and build a trusted relationship with users by collecting only compliant user data.
  • Implement data privacy and compliance strategy into your tech with a simple, end-to-end consent management platform.
  • Welcome website users with a consent banner that informs them about cookie usage and provides full transparency.
  • Make consent and preference management easy for your team without disrupting their workflows. 
  • Reduce the risk of fines and protect your brand’s reputation by staying compliant with privacy regulations.
  • Easily set up consent management on your website without writing a single line of code.

“Great! Easy to use and support is top-drawer.”

Christopher G, CEO

CookieYes for designers/developers

  • Achieve privacy compliance and optimize user experience with a branded consent interface.
  • Implement cookie consent management into your operations with a simple code.
  • Utilize pre-built integrations to easily sync cookie consent with Google Consent Mode and Google Tag Manager.
  • Access the platform-specific documentation that makes implementation fast and simple.
  • Enable advanced features and manage consents easily without time-consuming coding or manual integrations.
  • Utilize the open APIs and events to embed a custom consent management platform on your website.
  • Troubleshoot technical issues with quick access to our support team.

Fast dashboard, clean and clear UI, I can do everything what I need.

Radek M, Web Developer

CookieYes for digital marketers

  • Make better digital marketing decisions with user data obtained with consent.
  • Give users transparent privacy choices and build trusted customer relationships.
  • Protect brand reputation by ensuring privacy-compliant data practices.
  • Leverage data for marketing tools, from email to analytics with consented data.
  • Deploy user-friendly interfaces to inform users about their cookie consent and preferences.
  • Demonstrate your compliant data practices to users and privacy regulators.

“Way better than any other cookie tool out there.”

Alexander V, Digital Marketer

Why choose CookieYes over others?

Google-certified CMP

CookieYes is a Google-certified CMP Partner for IAB TCF v2.2 and Google Consent Mode v2. As per Google’s latest requirements, website owners should implement a Google-certified CMP like CookieYes, if they wish to continue using Google publisher products such as Google AdSense, Ad Manager, or AdMob to deliver personalized ads in EEA and the UK. 

Simple, easy-to-use interface

CookieYes’s USP is its ease of use for both website owners and users. With a 3-step deployment and simple and intuitive dashboard, anyone can implement a CookieYes banner on their website and manage cookie consent easily. There is no complicated code onboarding or integrations, the centralized dashboard will help you manage all your domains, set-up, customizations and consent management. 

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Platform-agnostic implementation

CookieYes works on any website, be it sites that run on Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Wix, Joomla, Shopify etc. or HTML sites. You can simply choose and customize your cookie banner, add the code to your website and you have a custom banner on your website! CookieYes also has detailed help guides to help you implement it on CMS platforms.

Powerful website scanner

CookieYes website scanner can detect all cookies and hidden trackers on your domain and categorize cookies based on their properties, using our database of 100,000+ cookies. You can provide complete transparency to your site’s visitors with the cookie audit table. To top that, with every scan, our scanner will auto-update the list of cookies disclosed in your cookie banner.

Customizable cookie consent experience

Your CookieYes banner can provide a personalized consent experience for your site’s visitors. The fully customizable banner will provide granular consent options that are easy to understand and navigate. CookieYes banner supports 170+ languages as per the user’s browser language and can be auto-translated into over 40+ languages. You can also geo-target your cookie banner as per the user’s location and the privacy law that applies. 

Optimized for different devices

As mobile devices continue to generate over 50% website traffic, your cookie banner must work on all devices. CookieYes banners are responsive and optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop use. You don’t have to compromise on user experience or design, no matter which device the visitors use.

Easy integration with Google Consent Mode

As millions of websites use Google products on their website, CookieYes is designed to be integrated with your tech stack. CookieYes can be integrated with Google Consent Mode v2 and Google Tag Manager and will enable website owners to obtain consent from their visitors and communicate the consent information to Google. Our integrations will allow websites to use critical Google products without the fear of non-compliance. 

Complete cookie control

CookieYes has in-built integrations like third-party cookie blocking that will enable you to provide prior consent for visitors, a core compliance requirement of the EU cookie law. You can also manually add cookies to block. CookieYes also supports the Do Not Track (DNT) feature, honouring the visitors’ privacy settings.

Compliance with multiple privacy laws

If your website has visitors from different locations, CookieYes is the tool for you. You can comply with cookie regulations stated in multiple privacy laws using CookieYes. You can display cookie banners to comply with GDPR (EU & UK), CNIL (France) LGPD (Brazil), POPIA (South Africa) etc. as well as opt-out banners for CCPA (California).

Free policy generators

While other CMPs provide privacy or cookie policy generators as paid services, CookieYes has an in-built free privacy policy generator and free cookie policy generator that you can use along with your consent management features. You can utilize the generators to add custom privacy or cookie policy to your website. Simply select the options from the preset template and generate policies in minutes. 

Timely customer support

CookieYes support team is quick, responsive and is the best support on the planet! (Not our words, our customer thinks so). Our support team will help you through any issues with implementation, features, integrations or any product concerns. You can also access our blogs, video tutorials, and help guides to answer your questions and concerns about CookieYes and compliance.

Free and cost-effective plans

CookieYes is available for free to everyone. Yes! If you have a small website or blog, you can use the free plan. With the free plan, you can implement a customizable cookie banner and access all basic consent management features. If your website is bigger, or you have multiple domains, you can start our 14-day free trial of premium plans and access advanced features. We charge a simple yearly/monthly subscription fee (based on pageviews). There are no hidden charges, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

CookieYes features in a nutshell

  • Simple code implementation: set up once and customize without any coding
  • Centralized dashboard to manage all domains and consent management 
  • Google-certified CMP for IAB TCF v2.2 compliance and Google Consent Mode V2
  • Feature-packed free plan for small websites
  • Cost-effective premium plans for big websites and multiple domains
  • Geo-targeting for GDPR and CCPA compliance
  • Supports cookie banner in 170+ languages 
  • Real-time consent records for proof of compliance
  • Free privacy and cookie policy generator
  • Trusted by small websites to global brands

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cookie consent tool?

A cookie consent tool is a software or plugin used by websites to obtain and manage user consent for setting cookies on their browser. The tool allows websites to display a cookie banner or pop-up that includes information about the types of cookies used, their purpose, and the option for users to accept or decline their use. 

Cookie consent tool Shopify
Cookie consent tool WordPress

When do I need a cookie consent tool?

You need a cookie consent tool when your website uses cookies or similar tracking technologies that collect and process personal data. It helps ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

Cookies are small text files that are placed on a user’s device when they visit a website. These cookies collect and store various types of data, such as browsing behaviour, preferences, and personal information.

What is the cookie consent tool for GDPR?

Cookie consent tools or consent management platforms (CMPs) are tools designed specifically to assist websites in obtaining valid and informed consent from users for the use of cookies, as required by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

You can read the details here: Guide to GDPR-Compliant Cookie Banner

How do I get cookie consent?

To implement cookie consent, you need to deploy a cookie consent banner on your website, explaining the use of cookies and requesting user consent. You can do this with a trusted consent management platform like CookieYes.

– You can sign up to CookieYes CMP for free
– Select your cookie banner template
– Copy and paste the installation code on your website

What is a cookie consent manager?

A cookie consent manager, also called a consent management platform (CMP) is a tool that allows website owners to centrally manage and obtain user consent for cookies on their website. It provides options to track user consent preferences, customize cookie settings and maintain a record of user consent for proof of compliance with regulations.