What is the Privacy Sandbox for third-party cookies?

Privacy Sandbox is a proposal by Google to address privacy concerns related to the use of third-party cookies. The goal is to replace third-party cookies with privacy-preserving alternatives while still enabling advertisers and other third-party services to display personalized advertisements.

The Sandbox alternatives to third-party cookies include:

  • Topics API: to show targeted ads based on user interests without third-party cookies or other identifiers that track users across sites.
  • Protected Audience API : to show  remarketing ads based on first-party data

With these APIs, advertisers will have an alternative method to target ads at individuals with specific interests, eliminating the need for third-party cookies. They will also be able to gather data on ad performance.

After the release of Chrome 115 in July 2023, Google is rolling out Sandbox APIs and plans to gradually phase out third-party cookies by Q3 2024.