What is the difference between consent mode and v2?

Consent Mode manages user consent for data collection for Google Analytics and Google Ads. Consent Mode V2 was introduced in response to the European Digital Markets Act (DMA), which requires more accountability and compliance from core platform services like Google.

By March 2024, Google Consent Mode (GCM) V2 is mandatory for all websites in the EEA and UK using Google services like Google Ads and Google Analytics. Here’s how to implement GCM V2 with CookieYes.

Consent ModeConsent Mode V2
FunctionalityInvolves two consent states: analytics_storage (for analytics) and ad_storage (for advertising). Adds two new consent signals: ad_user_data and ad_personalization for more granular user consent.
These signals provide information about user consent for remarketing and ad personalization.
ImplementationRequires website owners to ask for consent and communicate the consent status to Google.Similar to Consent Mode, but with the addition of reporting consent status to Google.
TrackingIf a user declines tracking, Google will not track them at all, leading to no data in Google Analytics or Google Ads. Allows for anonymous tracking of user behaviour even when consent hasn’t been granted.