How to write a privacy policy?

A Privacy Policy is a legal document that discloses how an organization deals with the personal data of its users.

Your website’s privacy policy should inform the user of the following:

  • What information is collected from the user
  • How do you collect this information
  • Why do you collect this information
  • With whom that information will be shared
  • How uses can manage or opt out of data collection
  • How you will protect the user’s data
  • How users can request to access, correct, or delete their personal data
  • How can users contact you

It should be clearly written, concise, and easily accessible on the website.

Watch how you can create a Privacy policy for your website easily and for free: 

There are a number of laws that require organizations to include a privacy policy, including GDPR, CCPA, Saudi Arabia’s PDPL, South Africa POPIA, and Brazil’s LGPD.

To create a privacy policy for free, here’s what you should do:

  1. sign up on CookieYes for free,
  2. go to Privacy Policy and fill in the required details, and
  3. submit and generate the privacy policy.