Is Google Analytics GDPR compliant?

Google Analytics is not GDPR compliant by default. Following the enforcement of the GDPR, Google updated its data processor terms, EU end-user consent policy and introduced new and updated features in Analytics to help users make their use of the tool in line with the Regulation. However, it expects its users to make necessary changes to ensure their use of Analytics is in line with the Regulation.

Here’s how you can make your Google Analytics GDPR-compliant:

  • Ensure you are not sending any personally identifiable information to Analytics.
  • Anonymize IP addresses using Analytics code or tag manager before Analytic stores them.
  • Update your privacy policy to inform your website users about Analytics and how you use it and how users can opt out of having their data collected.
  • Set data retention setting in Analytics to stop it from storing personal data longer than necessary.
  • Set data deletion settings to allow users to request you to delete their personal data.
  • Obtain consent for data collection including for using Analytics cookies.