How long are cookies retained?

Cookie retention is the duration or the length of time that a user’s browser will store a cookie set by a website. The time period cookies are retained varies depending on the specific cookie and the website that sets it. 

  • Session cookies, which are used to store temporary information, such as your login details or your shopping cart, are usually deleted when a browser session ends, for example in the Google Chrome browser. While some browsers may restore a previous session even after you close and reopen the browser. In such cases, session cookies may persist longer than a single browsing session.
  • Persistent cookies, which are used for purposes such as tracking user preferences and collecting data for analytics are stored for a longer period on a browser. They are deleted after a period of time specified by a particular domain. This can range between months to years.

To find out how long specific cookies are retained on your device, use your browser’s developer tools to inspect the cookie details.