Are cookies going away in 2024?

No, cookies are not going away completely. First-party cookies, (set by the domain you are browsing) that remember your login details or what you’ve added to your cart etc. aren’t going anywhere. But, 2024 will see significant changes in the use of third-party cookies.

Google has officially started to phase out third-party cookies from Chrome. As of January 4, 2024, Tracking Protection, a new feature designed to restrict third-party cookies, has been rolled out to 1% of Chrome users – impacting almost 30 million people. 

Google is considering the complete phase-out of third-party cookies by the second half of 2024, as part of its Privacy Sandbox initiative. However, the conclusive decision will depend on the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority which can block the plans if the proposal is found to harm other businesses in the digital advertising market.