How do I ask for cookie permission?

To ask for cookie permission from your website visitors, you can implement a cookie consent banner. To be compliant with privacy regulations like the GDPR in the EU and UK, LGPD in Brazil or POPIA in South Africa, ensure that you follow best practices for cookie consent.

  • Notify a user during their first website visit that your site uses cookies, using an accessible cookie banner.
  • Provide clear options for users to accept, reject or manage their cookie preferences.
  • Allow users to provide granular consent for different cookie categories such as necessary, functional, analytics and advertising. 
  • Remember user’s cookie preferences so that they don’t have to set them during subsequent visits.
  • Provide a consent revisit button or widget so users can recall the cookie banner easily and change or withdraw their consent. 
  • Keep a record of user consent for proof of compliance.

Website publishers can easily implement these best practices and save time by using a consent management platform (CMP) like CookieYes.