Is Virginia data privacy law the same as CCPA?

The Virginia data privacy law, or Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (VCDPA), is not the same as the CCPA and its amendment CPRA. While both laws aim to protect consumer data and give individuals more control over their personal information, there are some key differences:

  • VCDPA has several exemptions for entities processing data regulated by HIPAA, and GLBA, as well as nonprofits and institutions of higher education.
  • Virginia has broader opt-out rights including the right to opt out of the processing for targeted advertising, the sale of personal data and profiling.
  • VCDPA does not have a private right of action, unlike California’s right to private action.
  • In Virginia, businesses must obtain a consumer’s consent before processing sensitive data. As opposed to the CPRA, which takes an opt-out approach.
  • Unlike the California Privacy Protection Agency or CPPA, Virginia does not have a dedicated enforcement agency.

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