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WEBINARNavigating Consent Mode V2: How Should I Prepare?


30 April, 2024

3 pm CET (8 am CT)

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Why is there a drop in traffic on Google Analytics after adding the cookie banner? How can I address it?

CookieYes banner will not impact your website traffic, SEO, ranking or performance. When the CookieYes banner is integrated into your website, Google Analytics tracking will only commence when users explicitly accept the cookies linked to the third-party analytics service.If there is a significant drop in tracking, it may result from users either declining the analytics category or not engaging with the banner.

Here are some solutions to address the decrease in Google Analytics tracking when using CookieYes:

  • Move Analytics cookies to the Necessary category to enable tracking without explicit user consent. This can be done when Google Consent Mode is not implemented on the website.
  • Enable the load cookies prior to consent setting for the Analytics category. To do this,

    – Navigate to Cookie Manager in the CookieYes webapp.
    – Select Analytics category from the left sidebar.
    – Click the edit icon and toggle the button to enable load cookies prior to consent.

    This will load analytics cookies before user interaction with the banner. Ensure compliance with legal requirements in your region before making any changes.
  • Geo-Target the CookieYes banner: Configure the banner to display only in regions where it’s legally required. This ensures analytics cookies won’t be blocked for visitors from other regions, potentially reducing the drop in tracking data.

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