Cookie banners are small pop-up notices that appear on the first visit to a website. They display information about the cookies used by the site. The General Data Protection Regulation (read our guide to GDPR) and ePrivacy Directive require the website owners to get prior consent before loading any cookie (except necessary cookies) on the users’ devices. CookieYes is a cloud-based solution that helps you with the same. You can fully customize the CookieYes banner and easily install it on your site in minutes! You can choose between different consent types per your requirement. This article explains the difference between these consent types.

CookieYes Consent Types

Not all websites use the same type of cookies. Some only use necessary cookies, while others also use non-necessary cookies. There are different types of cookie consent banners that you can use on your website. It depends on what cookies your site uses and how you seek consent from users.

After creating an account on CookieYes, you can either select Customize to open the customization panel or select Consent Banner from the dashboard after installing the banner. Here you can customize your consent banner.

CookieYes has four types of consent. Let’s look at them in detail.


In this type, all the cookie categories are already pre-checked. However, the website will load non-necessary cookies only upon user consent. If you click the “Accept” button, it will load all cookies. The visitors can express their consent by continuing to use the website without making any cookie choices. Hence the name “implicit.” The users can deactivate the toggle switch for non-necessary cookies from “Preferences.”


The “GDPR-compliant” explicit type allows visitors to explicitly express their consent to use cookies on the website. Only the necessary category is pre-checked. The website will not load the non-necessary or third-party cookies until the users give their consent. The users can go to “Preferences” and select the cookies that they want to load. Clicking “Accept All” will load all the cookies, whereas clicking “Reject All” will load only necessary cookies.


The banner for this consent type only displays information about the cookies that the website uses. These cookies, however, are necessary for the website to function and to improve user experience. User consent is assumed from inactivity or if they continue to use the website. Clicking the “Got it” button will dismiss the banner.

Note: we recommend using Info type if your website uses only strictly necessary type cookies.


In this consent type, all cookie categories are pre-checked by default, which can be changed from the customize panel.

However, the website will only load the necessary cookies before consent. The site will only load the non-necessary cookies upon consent, which the users can manage from “Preferences” and then clicking “Accept.” Clicking the Accept button without setting any preference will load all the cookies or whatever category you have enabled. It also includes a “Reject” button, clicking which will only load necessary cookies and dismiss the banner.

Please note that you can rename and customize all the clickable buttons in all consent types.

For further CookieYes configuration, read the setup guide.

If you have any issues or need our help, then get in touch with our support team.

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