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Cookie Consent Solution for GDPR & CCPA Compliance

Deploy a custom cookie banner, manage script blocking and record user consent without writing a single line of code.

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Display custom cookie banner

  • Add custom layout, design and text
  • Personalise with CSS and custom branding
  • Show banner in any of the 30+ languages
  • Add banner on any CMS or HTML site
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Implement granular cookie control

  • Auto-block third-party cookies
  • Set cookies as per user preferences
  • Collect consent for cookie categories
  • Get an overview of consent opt-ins
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Automate website scanning

  • Generate detailed cookie audit report
  • Detect and auto-categorize all cookies
  • Schedule monthly cookie scanning
  • Scan behind login for hidden cookies
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Foolproof consent management

  • Geo-target banner for specific users
  • Record user consent logs for proof
  • Integrate with Google Consent Mode
  • Add cookie widget for consent withdrawal
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Use free policy generators

  • Answer quick questionnaires
  • Use pre-built policy templates
  • Generate custom policies in minutes
  • Copy-paste it to your website
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  • 600 pages per scan
  • 100,000 pageviews
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For medium business with growing traffic


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  • 4000 pages per scan
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  • Geo-targeted cookie banner


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  • 8000 pages per scan
  • Unlimited pageviews
  • Geo-targeted cookie banner
  • Remove CookieYes branding

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Frequently asked questions

Cookie consent is the legal requirement to obtain consent from website visitors before setting cookies on their devices. Consent is collected via a cookie banner that enables visitors to accept or decline cookies on the website. Privacy regulations like the GDPR in the EU and UK, LGPD in Brazil, POPIA in South Africa and similar laws around the world require businesses to get consent for collecting a user’s personal data. As cookies and trackers can store personal data and be used to identify an individual, they are considered part of personal data.
Yes, you are required to get cookie consent from your website visitors if your website uses cookies (all websites do) and your website is used by residents of a country with privacy regulations like the GDPR in place. If your website only uses strictly necessary cookies or cookies that are essential to perform a service expected by the user (eg: session cookies), you can be exempt from cookie consent. But note that, most websites set cookies that do not meet this criterion and therefore are required to get user consent for cookies.
The cookie consent banner displayed on your website will record the user’s response and set cookies based on that response. If the user accepts all cookies, then all cookies will be set on their browser. If they reject all cookies, only strictly necessary cookies (that are essential for the website to function) will be set. If they customize their cookie preferences, only the cookie categories they have enabled will be set on their browser.
Cookie consent should last for not more than a year i.e. you should renew user consent after 1 year. Depending on your national Data Protection Authority (DPA) guidelines you may also be required to renew user consent every 6 months. With CookieYes, you can set the consent expiration days as per your requirement.
You can implement cookie consent on your website in just 3 simple steps.
  • Sign up on CookieYes for free
  • Choose your cookie consent banner layout
  • Copy the cookie banner code and paste it to your website
Guide: How to add a cookie banner on a website
You can easily add a cookie banner to your WordPress website in just 3 simple steps using CookieYes.

  1. Sign up for free and select a cookie banner layout
  2. Copy the banner installation code
  3. Paste the code on your website
Guide: How to implement cookie consent on WordPress If you are looking for a plugin, check out the most popular Cookie Consent Plugin by CookieYes
With CookieYes, you can display a floating button or widget on your website that will enable your website visitors to change or withdraw their cookie settings at any time. This feature helps the user call back your banner after they have dismissed it and easily change or revoke their preferences, a requirement under the GDPR. Guide: How to change or withdraw cookie consent
Most likely, if your website uses cookies and your organization/business falls within the scope of privacy regulations like the GDPR in the EU and UK and CCPA in the US. Cookie consent applies to any website that collects personal data from users via cookies including business websites, eCommerce websites, non-profit websites and even personal blogs.

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