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Can CookieYes be included via a Minimal User Interaction Script?

No, including CookieYes via a Minimal User Interaction (MUI) Script is not recommended or advisable. This would make your website non-compliant with privacy laws and regulations regarding cookie consent.

An MUI Script, also known as a Consent Management Platform (CMP) script, automatically captures user consent preferences without requiring explicit user interaction. This approach typically violates privacy laws, such as GDPR or CCPA, which require websites to obtain explicit and affirmative consent from users before setting up non-essential cookies.

CookieYes, a crucial cookie consent management solution, complies with privacy laws by presenting users with a clear and visible consent banner. This banner informs users about the types of cookies used and allows them to accept or reject different categories.

Including CookieYes via a Minimal User Interaction Script would bypass the consent banner and automatically set cookies without obtaining explicit user consent. This would violate the core principles of privacy laws, which require transparency and user control over their data and cookie preferences.

To ensure compliance with privacy regulations, implementing CookieYes in a manner that enables users to make informed decisions about their cookie preferences before setting any non-essential cookies is crucial. This typically involves displaying the consent banner prominently on the website and waiting for the user’s explicit action (accepting or rejecting cookies) before proceeding.

By following the recommended implementation method for CookieYes, you can ensure that your website complies with privacy laws and respects users’ rights to control their data and cookie preferences.

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