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How Does CookieYes Licensing Work with a WordPress Multisite Environment?

If you are running a WordPress multisite environment with a parent site and several child sites, CookieYes licensing works as follows:

  1. Subdomains are included: When you add your main domain (e.g., to your CookieYes plan, all subdomains (e.g.,, are automatically included, and you do not need to add them separately.
  2. Sharing consent and banner across child sites: If your child sites use a separate header file, you can add the same CookieYes installation script to share the consent and display the banner consistently across all child sites.

CookieYes provides detailed documentation on how to integrate the cookie banner with WordPress, including multisite environments. By following the provided documentation, you can ensure the proper configuration of CookieYes in your WordPress multisite environment. This enables seamless management of cookie consent and compliance across all sites.

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