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How to Add a “Do Not Sell” Banner for US State Laws on Your Website

Last updated on March 14, 2024

Welcome to CookieYes! In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about achieving US State Laws cookie compliance and implementing a “Do Not Sell” banner on your website, all while respecting the Global Privacy Control (GPC) signal from your site visitors.

To get started with CookieYes, create your account and try it for free.

After you sign up, you will be directed to a setup screen. You can skip the set-up screens and head to the Dashboard.

How to add “Do Not Sell” banner

Step 1. From your Dashboard’s top navigation panel, select Cookie Banner. Then select General from the left panel.

Step 2. Tap on Consent Template. Select US State Laws template for your website.

Note: You can select the GDPR & US State Laws template if you want to display both the GDPR cookie banner and the US State Laws ‘Do not sell’ banner to your visitors. (Available on Pro and Ultimate plans).

Step 3. Under Geo-target banner, you can choose United States or Select Countries as per choice to show the banner only to users from that specific location. (Available on Pro and Ultimate plans).

Step 4. To enable Global Privacy Control, tap on the Content tab, select Opt-out Centre and scroll down. Enable Respect “Global Privacy Control” (Available on Pro and Ultimate plans). Then, edit the content for the “Global Privacy Control” notice and click “Publish Changes“.

ccpa opt-out banner with global privacy control

‘Do Not Sell’ Link in Footer

You can include a “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” link in your website footer, as required by US State Laws. From the General tab, scroll to “Do Not Sell” link, copy the code and add it to your website footer.

Step 5. To block the website visitor when opting out of the sale of personal data, navigate to Cookie Manager > Cookie List > Edit Category and disable the option “Sell or Share personal data” for the particular cookie category and click the “Save Draft“. Now click the “Publish Changes” to apply the changes.

Sell or Share personal data

Step 6. You can further customize the US State Laws banner as per your liking. Below, find the step-by-step instructions on how to customize the layout, content, colour and add custom CSS.

On the left panel, choose Layout to select the template and position for your banner. Then, preview the changes on the right.

Select Content from the left panel to customize the content of the banner and all banner elements including title, banner text and button text.

  • To edit the content on your banner, select the Cookie Notice. You can edit or change the content of the Title and Message and “Do Not Sell” link.
Cookie Notice
  • Enable the “Cookie Policy” link and add the URL to your cookie policy page on your banner.
  • To personalize your banner, you can add your Custom logo (Available only on Basic, Pro, and Ultimate plan).
  • Select Disable CookieYes branding to hide the ‘Powered by CookieYes’ logo that appears on the banner. (Available only on the Ultimate plan)
  • To edit the content of the second layer of your banner, tap on Opt-Out Centre. You can also edit or change the content of the title and buttons.
  • Select the Revisit Consent Button and enable the Floating Button. It will enable your website users to change/withdraw consent easily.
  • Change the position of the button and edit the Text on hover.
  • In the Blocked Content, edit the Alt Text for Blocked Content. This is the content that will be displayed over embedded videos (Youtube, Vimeo etc.) in case the website visitor has rejected certain cookies that are required for the video to play.

Click Colours on the left panel to customize the banner’s colour, including the background, buttons, and text.

  • Choose from the different colour themes for the banner: Light, Dark, Auto-generated and Custom.
  • Under Customize colors, you will find options to customize the colours of the Cookie Notice and Opt-Out Centre .
  • You can customize the colour of the background, border, title, and text under each of these options.

Select Custom CSS on the left panel to add advanced CSS to personalize your banner style.

  • Enter the custom CSS code in the given box (Available only on Basic, Pro, and Ultimate plan).

Step 7. After you have done the required customizations, click on Publish Changes. 

Step 8. On the popup notification, click on Install the code now.

Step 9. Click on Copy Code to copy the CookieYes installation code to add it to your website.

Tip: You can share the code with a developer or your team by clicking on Send code to Developer link. Enter the email address and then click on Send Instructions. The recipient will get the code and instructions via email.

Step 10. Paste the CookieYes installation code between the <head> and </head> tags of your website’s source code before any other script

Select the CMS or website builders listed below to get the step-by-step instructions to add the code to your website.

Note: Don’t see your CMS in the list? 

CookieYes can work on all major CMS platforms and custom-coded sites. If you need help installing the code on your website, please get in touch with technical support.

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