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WEBINARNavigating Consent Mode V2: How Should I Prepare?


30 April, 2024

3 pm CET (8 am CT)

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Do I need Google Consent Mode v2 if only YouTube ad cookies are present?

If you are not using any of Google’s advertising services, such as AdSense, AdMob, or Google Ad Manager, and the only ad-related cookies on your site are from embedded YouTube videos, you do not need to activate Google Consent Mode v2.

Google Consent Mode v2 is a feature that allows websites to adjust how Google tags behave based on the user’s consent status for cookies. It primarily deals with Google’s advertising and analytics services. When activated, it adjusts the behaviour of Google tags (like Google Analytics and Google Ads) based on the user’s consent preferences regarding cookies.

Please check our documentation for comprehensive instructions on integrating Google Consent Mode v2.

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