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Getting Started

Chapter 2:

How to Add Cookie Banner on an HTML Website

Welcome to CookieYes! This documentation will guide you through setting up CookieYes on an HTML website. By following the steps, you can easily integrate CookieYes into your HTML website and enable a cookie consent banner.

Step 1: Sign Up on CookieYes and Create a Cookie Banner.

To begin, follow the below steps:

  1. Sign up on CookieYes and try it for free
  2. Once you have created the account, create a cookie banner for your website.

Step 2: Install the cookie banner on the HTML website

To install the cookie banner, navigate to the index.html file in your project and add the CookieYes Installation code within the head tag of the file.

You can copy your installation code from Advanced Settings from the top navigation panel of your CookieYes dashboard.

After adding the code, the file should be like this:


Step 3: Verify Installation

After completing Step 2, you can verify the installation by clicking the Verify Installation button in the Cookieyes setup screen. If you have successfully installed the banner, you will see a success message showing that the “Banner is active on your website ”.

Now you will see the new cookie consent banner on your HTML website. From the CookieYes Dashboard, you can complete the website scanning and explore additional customizations and features.

Still, have questions or facing issues? Contact technical support

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