Implementing CookieYes on Wix

CookieYes helps in creating a cookie banner and manage cookie consent on your Wix website. All you need to know is to do is to add the CookieYes code to your Wix website. After adding the code to the website you will be able to manage consent and block cookies before user consent from the CookieYes dashboard.

Follow the steps to set up CookieYes on your Wix website.

Copy Installation Code

The first step in the set up is to copy the installation code available at the time of CookieYes registration. You can copy the code from the dashboard from your Settings page as well. Go to the Settings page, and click on the Get Script button for the corresponding website. A popup with the CookieYes script will appear for you to copy.

After you have copied the code on your clipboard, next you need to add the code in your Drupal website source code.

Add Code in Wix

Note: The code is added to the custom code section in Wix. However, this feature is only available if you upgrade and connect a domain.

To add the code, first, go to Settings on your Wix website.

Wix settings section

From the drop-down list of Settings go to Tracking and Analytics section. Please note that your website should be published for you to access this feature.

Tracking and analysis section for Wix

On clicking the button you will see an option at the top right, +New Tool.

Add new tool for Wix

Clicking on that will give you a drop-down list, select Custom

Next, enter your custom code and name it. Then, select which page you want to add the codes to.

After that, select where the code is to be added in the HTML source code of your website. E.g., the end of the body of the website.

Click Apply.

This will add the CookieYes banner to your Wix website. For further configuration and customization of the cookie banner, you may refer to the CookieYes setup guide.

If you have any issue in CookieYes implementation, you can contact our support team through our contact page.