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How to Transfer a Site?

Last updated on April 30, 2024


Account owner permission is required to transfer sites.

CookieYes allows you to transfer a Site from one organization to another within your account or another user’s account (with separate billing). When transferring to another user’s account, you may have admin or editing access to the destination organization. Transferring sites does not result in any data loss.

Transfer a Site

Step 1:From the CookieYes Dashboard, navigate to the Profile icon in the top-right corner and click Organizations & Sites from the drop-down.
CookieYes Dashboard
Step 2:In the Organizations & Sites tab, find the relevant organization and the site, click the three-dot menu, and select Transfer Site from the dropdown menu.
Dropdown_Transfer Site
Step 3:In the modal, choose the Destination organization from the dropdown; then click the Transfer Site Button.
Transfer Modal
Step 4:Completing the Site Transfer Process.

Between Organizations of the Same Account

If the transfer occurs between organizations within your account, the process will complete immediately after Step 3.

Between Organizations of Different Accounts

If the destination organization belongs to a different CookieYes user account, you must complete additional steps:

  1. The owner of the destination organization will receive an email with a Review Transfer Request button and an alternative link.
  2.  To proceed, the owner must either click the button or copy and paste the link into their browser.
  3. On the displayed page, click the Accept Transfer button.
  4. For paid site transfers, the process concludes at this point.

    transfer for paid site
  5. However, if transferring a free site to an organization that already has a free site, you must select a paid plan for the new site to complete the transfer.

    transfer for free site

Transferring sites between organizations does not result in any data loss, regardless of whether the organizations belong to the same account or different accounts.