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Can cookies originating from a plugin have a timeout and be overlooked by the scan?

Yes, plugins can generate cookies that have a timeout or short lifespan, which can cause the CookieYes scan to miss them.

Some cookies have a very short lifespan or timeout period. They generate dynamically or under specific conditions, and if those conditions are not met during the scan, the cookies may expire or be removed before CookieYes can detect them. While CookieYes makes the best effort to capture all cookies, including those with shorter timeouts, it is possible that some may be missed due to their temporary nature. In such cases where CookieYes misses cookies due to their source (e.g., plugins) or temporary nature, it provides the option to add these cookies to the banner manually. This manual addition ensures that all cookies on your website identify and manage properly according to user consent preferences.

For further details on cookie scanning, please refer to our documentation.

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