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All About Latest Version

Last updated on August 8, 2023

In response to evolving privacy regulations and industry best practices, CookieYes diligently enhanced the functionality, security, and user experience of the Cookie Banner. This document aims to provide you with an in-depth guide to seamlessly transitioning from the previous version to the latest iteration.

Why Update to the Latest Version?

The new version of the Cookie Banner represents a significant leap forward in terms of compliance, user consent management and customization. Some of the key benefits and enhancements include:

1. Enhanced look and feel

The new look of the cookie banner aligns with current web design trends, providing a positive impression for website visitors. Customizable to match your website’s branding, the Cookie Banner maintains a consistent and professional appearance. 

1st layer of cookie banner
2st layer of cookie banner
2. Enhanced Privacy Controls to Comply with US State Laws

When users visit a website subject to US State Laws regarding data protection, the website presents them with a cookie banner that includes the option to Opt-Out of the sale of personal information to third parties. This opt-out functionality enables users to exercise their right to restrict the sharing or selling of their data. However, preferences can change over time, and users might want to reconsider their decision to Opt-Out. The new banner addresses this need by providing a straightforward method for users to change their consent status. If a user had previously opted out and now wishes to allow their data to be shared or sold, they can interact with the banner and Opt-In back.

Opt-Out: Do not sell my personal infomation
3. Support IAB TCF v2.2

IAB TCF v2.2 provides seamless and compliant consent management for online advertising and data processing operations while protecting user privacy and fostering trust between website owners, users, and suppliers in the digital ecosystem.

IAB TCF v2.2

Once implemented, you will get an enhanced Cookie banner, as shown below:

1st layer of Cookie banner- IAB TCF V2.2
2st layer of Cookie banner- IAB TCF V2.2

For implementation and more information about IAB TCF v2.2, refer to our guide

4. Google Additional Consent Mode

Google’s Additional Consent Mode is a feature within the IAB TCF v2.2. It aligns data collection practices with user consent choices, promoting a privacy-conscious and user-centric approach to online data processing involving Google tags and cookies. 

To enable this feature, follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate Cookie Banner > General > Support Google’s Additional Consent Mode.
  2. Toggle the button to the right to enable Google’s Additional Consent Mode. 
  3. Preview the banner and Click Publish Changes.
Google's Additional Consent Mode

Now you can notice the following changes in the first and second layers of the Cookie Banner:

1st layer of cookie banner- Google's ACM
2st layer of cookie banner- Google's ACM
5. Support the “Global Privacy Control” standard

Enabling Global Privacy Control (GPC) on the website empowers users to effectively exercise their right to privacy. The GPC allows users to express their preferences for opting out of personal data sales or sharing with third-party websites, giving them greater control over how their information is used and who can access it. The GPC ensures that websites respect and honour users’ privacy choices, creating a more transparent and user-centric approach to data protection.

To enable this feature, follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate Cookie Banner > Content > Opt-out Center.
  2. Toggle the button to the right to enable Respect “Global Privacy Control”.
  3. Preview the banner and Click Publish Changes.
Global Privacy Control

The following changes can be noticed in the second layers of the Cookie Banner:

Global Privacy Control in cookie banner
6. Advanced Geo-Targeting

The advanced geo-targeting feature offers a significant improvement to the consent management process. With this update, you can implement location-specific consent options based on the geographical locations of their users. This means that users in different geographic locations will be presented with consent options that align precisely with the requirements of their respective jurisdictions. Moreover, implementing this feature is designed to be straightforward, making it user-friendly for you to configure location-specific consent options.


To implement and customize the Geo-target Banner refer.

7. Customizable Revisit Consent Button

The Customizable floating button offers a significant improvement to the consent management experience. With this update, users can now easily modify or withdraw their consent, just as effortlessly as they could initially provide consent.

To enable and customize the Revisit Consent Button, follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate Cookie Banner > Content.
  2. Click the Revisit Consent Button.
  3. To enable, toggle the button to the right labelled as Floating Button.
  4. Select the position of your Floating Button.
  5. Change the floating button icon by entering the URL of the image.
  6. You can change the Text on hover if required.
  7. Click Publish Changes.
Revisit Consent Button
8. Proof of Consent

In the Consent Log tab, you’ll notice a new addition – the “Proof of Consent” column within the Consent log list. This exciting feature empowers you to effortlessly download the Proof of Consent for each entry in the Consent log, ensuring enhanced transparency and compliance.


For more information about Proof of consent, refer to our guide.

Additionally, you will notice a newly added search bar at the top right of the tab. This search bar lets you quickly locate specific consents from the list by entering their respective consent IDs.

Heads Up before the Update

While updating to the latest version, note the following:

  • The preset option for the Consent Type will become obsolete. However, it is still possible to obtain a banner that aligns with the preset option of the Consent Type by following the guide.
  • While updating to the latest version, your chosen default theme options: Light and Dark, will be seamlessly preserved as Custom options, ensuring your cookie banner retains its original colour scheme.
  • If you have implemented the US State Law banner template with the Classic layout, it will automatically be updated to the new “Banner” layout while retaining its full functionality.
  • If you have implemented custom CSS or JavaScript in the banner, it is essential to make the necessary adjustments to ensure seamless compatibility with the new version. This step will ensure that your customizations continue to work as expected and remain fully functional with the updated version. 

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