We are thrilled to share that CookieYes is officially a Google-certified CMP Partner for Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) version 2.2.

Website publishers can now confidently choose CookieYes CMP to run advertising campaigns with Ad Manager, AdMob, and AdSense in the EEA and UK.

Our newly acquired Partner badge certifies us as a Consent Management Platform (CMP) trusted by Google, capable of providing TCF v2.2 compliance for businesses that use its publisher products. 

Google CMP Certifications

CookieYes is the first CMP to be certified for compliance with the latest version 2.2 of TCF, released in May 2023. We are also one of the few CMPs certified by Google for both Google Consent Mode and IAB TCF compliance. 

Earlier this year, we have been recognized as a Google-Certified CMP Partner for Google Consent Mode. As a certified partner, CookieYes enables website publishers to seamlessly integrate with Google Consent Mode.

We are also listed as approved CMP providers by IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) for TCF v2.2 compliance.

CookieYes Certifications

  • Google-certified CMP for Google Consent Mode
  • Google-certified CMP for TCF v2.2
  • IAB-approved CMP for TCF v2.2

What does Google-certified CMP mean for publishers?

Since 2020, Google has integrated its Ad system with IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF). With the launch of IAB TCF v2.2 in May 2023, Google set out new requirements for publishers. 

From January 16, 2024, onwards, Google will make it mandatory for publishers and developers that use its advertising products such as Google AdSense, Ad Manager, or AdMob in the European Economic Area (EEA) and the UK to implement a CMP that is certified by Google.

In short, website publishers are required to use Google-certified CMPs like CookieYes if they wish to continue to serve ads in the EEA and UK. Publishers who do not implement a Google-certified CMP will only be able to serve limited ads in EEA and the UK after January 16, 2024. 

Get TCF v2.2 compliant with CookieYes

  • Publishers using CookieYes CMP: Existing users who wish to comply with Google’s new requirements can simply enable TCF v2.2 on our app.
  • Publishers who need a Certified CMP: If you are a publisher, developer or marketer looking to implement CMP or your current CMP provider is not certified, CookieYes can be your go-to solution. 

With our integration with TCF v2.2, you can become compliant with industry standards while maintaining your digital marketing efforts. Here’s why we can help publishers like you:

Consent-based advertising

Prioritising user privacy does not mean you have to forego your ad monetisation. With our CMP, you can continue building your ad revenue and stay fully compliant with global privacy laws.

Smooth consent experience 

Our consent banners are fully customisable and built for optimal user experience and increased opt-in rates, 

Enhanced user control 

With the TCF v2.2 supported banners, you can give users complete control over how their data is processed within the ad-tech ecosystem.

Advanced functionalities

CookieYes has 100,000+ pre-categorized cookies in the database, supports third-party auto-blocking and features automated scanning capabilities.

Google Consent Mode

Implement Google Consent Mode and Tag Manager in a few clicks, and automatically transmit user choices to Google tags to ensure compliance.

Continuous compliance

We are committed to improving and updating our product to meet the latest industry standards and certifications so you don’t have to worry about regulatory non-compliance.

Frequently asked questions

Is CookieYes a Google-certified CMP?

CookieYes is a Google-certified CMP Partner. CookieYes is Google-certified for Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) v2.2 compliance and Google Consent Mode. As a CMP Partner for TCF v2.2, CookieYes will enable publishers to show personalised ads using Google products.

As a CMP Partner for Google Consent Mode, CookieYes supports seamless integration with Google Consent Mode. 

What is a Google-certified CMP?

Google-certified CMPs are consent management platforms like CookieYes that undergo an evaluation by Google, based on their compliance with IAB’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF). By implementing CMP Partner certifications, Google aims to guarantee that all businesses utilising their ad platforms are compliant with the IAB TCF.

CookieYes is one of the first CMPs to be Google-certified for TCF version 2.2.

Why should publishers use Google-certified CMPs?

Publishers that serve ads in the EEA and UK using publisher products like Google AdSense, Ad Manager, and AdMob are required to use a Google-certified CMP to continue running ads. This requirement will be effective from January 16, 2024. Publishers that do not comply will only be able to show limited, non-personalized ads in the EEA and UK.

Does CookieYes support IAB TCF?

Yes. CookieYes is fully compliant with IAB Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) version 2.2. We are an IAB-approved CMP for TCF v2.2 and a part of the IAB CMP list