How to Remove CookieYes Branding from Your Cookie Consent Banner?

CookieYes allows you to remove its branding (logo) from your cookie consent banner in simple steps. You could also add your company’s brand logo to the cookie banner set up by CookieYes on your website.

So let’s check it out!

The feature that hides the default CookieYes branding (logo) is supported only by the Premium plans (either Basic or Pro).

Refer to our setup guide to learn how to implement and configure CookieYes.

How to hide the default “CookieYes brand logo”?

    Step 1: Sign in to your CookieYes account. If you don’t have an account sign up for free here.

    Step 2: Head on to Consent Banner in the left panel > Click Content and Color to expand the menu.
    CookieYes - Consent Banner settings
    Step 3: Select the Cookie notice tab > Enable the Hide Cookieyes logo option using the toggle button.

    Step 4: If you want to display your company logo on your cookie consent banner,
    Enter the URL of your brand logo in the text box given under the Brand logo.

    Step 5: Click Save Changes to save all your settings.
    Hide CookieYes logo
    Step 6: If you have not yet added the CookieYes script to your website,
    From the dashboard, navigate to Site Settings > Click the Get script button
    CookieYes - Get script button
    Step 7: Click Copy code to copy the script > Paste it between the and tags of your website prior to all other scripts.
    CookieYes - Copy code
Now, the cookie consent banner with the updated settings will be published on your website. Reload your site to view your updated cookie banner.

This is how the CookieYes’ cookie consent banner would look like — Before and after adding a custom brand logo. CookieYes logo without being hidden

Cookie consent banner — Before hiding the default CookieYes logo

CookieYes logo being hidden

Cookie consent banner — After adding a custom logo (with CookieYes branding being hidden)

And here’s how the preferences pop-up would look like — Before and after removing the default branding. CookieYes cookie consent banner with default branding

Cookie preferences — Before hiding the default CookieYes logo

CookieYes branding hidden in Preferences

Cookie preferences — After hiding the default CookieYes logo