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Renew User Consent

Last updated on March 14, 2024

What is Renew User Consent?

Renew User Consent refers to re-obtaining consent from users or individuals to collect, process, and store their data. Implementing this helps organisations comply with data protection regulations and respect users’ privacy rights.

When to request Consent Renewal?

In the following cases, an organization or online service should consider renewing user consent:

  • Legal/Regulatory changes: If the applicable laws or rules regulating data protection and privacy change.
  • Purpose changes in data processing: If the organization plans to use the user’s data for a purpose that was not previously revealed or approved.
  • Significant changes in data handling: If there are major changes in how the organization collects, stores, processes, or shares user data, that may impact the user’s privacy rights.
  • Privacy policy/term updates: If the organization makes significant updates or modifications to its privacy policies or terms of service that affect how user data is handled. 

How to Renew User Consent?

To renew the existing user consent, follow the below steps:

  1. Log in to your CookieYes account on
  2. Navigate to Dashboard > Site Settings.
  3. In the Site Settings tab, navigate to Renew User Consent.
  4. Click Renew Now button.
  5. On the confirmation modal that appears, click Renew Consent to proceed.

Following this, the cookie banner will reappear for all existing users who have already consented.

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