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Pageview Pricing

CookieYes will follow pageview-based pricing from January 01, 2023.

What are pageviews?

A pageview is every instance when someone views a page on a website. Each time a webpage is loaded or reloaded on your website, we count it as a pageview.

How is pageview calculated?

A CookieYes pageview is registered every instance when a webpage containing the CookieYes code is loaded during a browsing session. Known bot traffic will be excluded from the count of pageviews.

Are pageviews counted even if the visitor doesn’t click on the cookie banner?

Yes, we count all pageviews on a website whether or not a website visitor clicks or interacts with the cookie banner.

Why does CookieYes use pageview-based pricing?

  • Pageview-based pricing is a simple way to offer pricing that complements the value CookieYes delivers. 
  • You will be able to select a plan based on your custom needs (your website size and the traffic it generates).

Does the pageview pricing affect the billing amount?

No, CookieYes plans and their respective billing amount will remain the same. The only change that will happen is:

  • Each plan will have a different monthly pageview limit. This number resets every month on your CookieYes Dashboard.

What happens if I reach the pageview limit?

Starting November 7, 2022, pageview data will be available on CookieYes dashboards for selected users. This feature will be available to all users before December 7, 2022.

You can check your pageview usage at all times on your CookieYes Dashboard. When you reach your monthly pageview limit, you will be notified on the Dashboard. You will also get email notifications about the approaching plan limit.

Please note that when you reach your monthly pageview limit, your cookie banner will no longer be displayed on your website. To resume displaying the banner, you need to upgrade to a plan with a higher pageview limit.

How will I calculate my monthly pageviews? 

You can sign up for a plan based on an approximate estimation of your website’s pageviews. Once the CookieYes code is installed on your website, we will track your pageviews and display them on your CookieYes Dashboard. 

To get a rough estimate of your monthly pageviews, you may check any analytics tool. For Google Analytics, follow the steps below:

  • Log into your Google Analytics account.
  • Click on Audience from the left-side panel, then select Overview
  • Set the date range to one month. (Choose a high-traffic month).
  • Scroll down and you can see the Pageviews of your website for that month. (Your pageview count may be affected if you are already using a cookie consent banner).

How will pageview pricing affect existing users? 

All the existing free plan and paid plan users will move to pageview-based pricing from their first billing date after January 01, 2023.

As an example, from your first billing date after January 01, 2023, your Pro monthly plan will give you 300,000 pageviews per month. 

If you are a free plan user, from your first billing date after January 01, 2023, you will get 25,000 pageviews per month.