Please make sure you have entered the URL of your registered website in the proper format in the Site Settings page of your CookieYes account.

To get the correct URL, you can load your website in a new tab and copy the URL from the address bar.

Please add CookieYes code to the top of your website’s head tag, which is located in the HTML code of your Page Builder. The code should be placed before any other custom scripts and located between <head> and </head>.

cookieyes troubleshooting: where to paste installation script.

You can also manually block cookies prior to consent:   

If you are implementing scripts via Google Tag Manager, please refer to

Scanning a website for cookies can take a few minutes to hours, depending on the number of web pages and the website’s speed.

Please clear your browser cache and reload the website. Additionally, please make sure that the CookieYes script added is correct.

Please check if the script appears on the top of the head tag of your website’s HTML code. Additionally, please check if you activated any optimization plugin on your website. If yes, you may need to exclude the CookieYes script from that plugin. 

If you use the WP Rocket plugin on your WordPress website for caching, please refer to

If you have a premium plan, the language of your banner will be automatically translated based on the website’s lang attribute. However, if you have a free plan, the banner will have the default language you set regardless of your website’s lang attribute.

When you add a banner to your site, the website will only enable analytics tracking when a user accepts the cookies set by the third-party analytics service. A huge drop in the count can be due to one of two reasons: either the user rejects the category or the user never clicks on the banner.

When you initiate a scan, CookieYes crawls through all the web pages, mimicking a normal visitor, and activates all the cookies. This action will send data to your Analytics tracker, increasing your traffic count.

To change the address associated with your account, please send an email change request to from the account’s current registered email address.

Please check your spam folder for the verification email. If you have not received the email, please make sure to whitelist in your mail service in case your mail server blocks our emails.

This problem may occur when you block cookies from specific scripts (for example, or If you remove the scripts from the blocking list, the components will work. However, please check if this is compliant with your region.

If you would like to offer visitors the ability to change their consent once it has already been given, please enable the Revisit Consent button in CookieYes. 

Consent banner > Behaviour > Revisit consent

cookieyes troubleshooting: how to enable revisit consent button

A widget will appear on the footer of your website that visitors can click to recall the cookie banner and change their consent preferences.

If you wish to add a link instead of a button, please refer to 

If you have registered the main domain (, all of its subdomains (,,, etc.) will be part of it and do not require separate subscriptions. 

You can verify this by implementing our script on your subdomains. Please be aware that consent given on one subdomain will also apply to the other subdomains.

If you are still having problems, please reach out to support.