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How to Install CookieYes Plugin?

Last updated on March 21, 2024

To install and activate the CookieYes plugin on your website, follow the below steps:

  1. First, get the CookieYes plugin by navigating to Plugins > Add New.

 2. Type in CookieYes or GDPR Cookie Consent in the search box and hit the Enter key.

Search Bar

3. Typically, the first search result is correct. Make sure the plugin’s author is CookieYes, and click on Install Now.

Upon installation of the plugin, the scripting code is automatically inserted into your website by the plugin to ensure smooth integration and enable proper functionality. 

4. Wait for the installation to finish, then click on the blue Activate button.

5. After activation, a cookie notice bar will appear at the footer of your website.


Once you have activated the plugin, a cookie consent banner will be displayed on your website instantly. You can then customise your cookie banner and configure other settings from your plugin dashboard.

You can refer to our setup guide for the next steps.

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