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Add Scanned Cookies to the Cookie List

Last updated on June 7, 2024

The GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin allows you to easily add your scanned cookies to the cookie list, ensuring accurate recording of all identified cookies. This simplifies cookie management, makes it easier to include them in future scans, and improves overall scanning efficiency.

How to add scanned cookies to the cookie list ?

After a scan, the scanned cookies appear as a list. There are three available import options to add them to the cookie list:

import scan list

Replace old: In this option, you can replace all existing cookies in the list with the newly scanned cookies.

Merge (Recommended): The plugin checks whether the scanned cookies are already present in the list and skips those cookies that exist. This is the recommended method to add scanned cookies to the cookie list.

Append (Not recommended): In this method, you append the newly scanned cookies to the existing cookies in the list. We do not recommend this as it could result in duplicate entries.

To add scanned cookies to the cookie list,

  1. Inside the GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin dashboard, navigate to Cookie Scanner from the left side bar. Click the Add to Cookie List button.

  2. Select your preferred option and click the Start Import button.

    This will add all scanned cookies and their related data to the cookie list. The data includes the cookie ID, cookie type, cookie category, and the duration of the cookies.
  3. By default, the cookie Type will be set to ‘persistent’. All cookies will be assigned to either the ‘necessary’ or ‘non-necessary’ category, and the cookie sensitivity will be set to ‘non-necessary’.

    To edit these values, click on the respective cookie name on the cookie list page and select Edit Cookie.

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