Cookies are small text files that a website stores on the visitor’s device. They are used for services, such as functioning, profiling, advertising, and analytics. Cookies, in general, are harmless and very useful. However, some of them could raise privacy concerns among the users and may result in a violation of data privacy laws if not assessed properly. Learn more about cookies in detail here.

This article will introduce you to some of the best free website cookie checker tools available on the internet.

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Why Check Cookies on a Website?

It does not matter if you are a webmaster or a user visiting a website, being aware of the cookies used by a website is always beneficial. If you own a website, knowing all the cookies that your site uses and managing them will help your site to comply with the data protection laws, such as the GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive (the EU Cookie Law).

If you are a visitor to the site, you can then decide whether to allow such cookies on your device. The GDPR and the Cookie Law require websites to get user consent before loading cookies on the users’ devices. This is referred to as GDPR cookie consent.

Strictly necessary cookies do not require user consent. However, you should be well aware of what constitutes strictly necessary and the purpose of all the cookies that your site will install. This helps you to decide which cookies require prior consent, and then you can take the appropriate step to implement the same. Also, the visitors to your site will appreciate that you protect their privacy.

Best Free Cookie Checker Tools

The website cookie checker tool is a simple way to find cookies on a website. Most of them take just a few simple steps and time to scan the website and send a report. Here is a list of some of the best free cookie checking tools.

CookieYes Cookie Checker

CookieYes’ cookie checker is a free tool that will scan your website URL in seconds and displays a detailed report on the cookies set by the URL.

CookieYes free cookie checker report page screenshot

You can even share the scan report link with a teammate by clicking the “Share with a teammate” button.


Using CookieServe, all you need to do is enter the URL of the website and click on search. It takes only a few seconds to scan the page.

The result is a pie chart of the distribution of cookies set by your website based on their properties. You will also get a list of cookies in tabular form with details about their source, purpose, duration, and type.


Using Cookie-checker, you need to provide not only the URL of the website but your email address to receive a detailed report of the cookies used on the entire website.

cookie checker

However, the report takes around 10-20 minutes to arrive after confirming your email.


CookieMetrix scans the entered URL and displays a detailed result with the domain, path, and value of the cookies.

However, to get a report on the entire website, you need to sign up to use the pro version.

Bit Sentinel

Free cookie identifier by Bit Sentinel requires you to provide the URL of the website and your email address to send the scan report.

cookie checker

The scan report takes a while to be sent to the email. It includes a detailed account of the cookies.

Piwik Pro

Online cookie checker tool by Piwik Pro sends a detailed report to your email a few minutes after providing the URL and email address. The report includes the domain, vendor, tags, and the expiration date of the cookies in use.

The report lists the first-party cookies and also the third-party cookies that you can check and see if your site takes user consent to use them.

You can also check cookies on a website manually from your browser’s developer console. Read more about it in this article.

Are you looking for more features like cookie dashboard, consent log, and cookie policy generator all under one roof? You are in the right place!

CookieYes is a cookie consent solution for your website that will help you to comply with data protection laws like the GDPR and CCPA.

You can easily add a fully customizable cookie consent banner and make it available in 30+ languages. It can auto-translate the banner to these languages.

It performs a detailed scan of all your web pages for cookies and documents them for auditing and management. To regulate the use of tracking cookies, CookieYes auto-blocks third-party cookies until the users give their consent. You can also add the script that sets them so that the application can block them.

CookieYes allows your website users to selectively enable consent for different cookie categories and to withdraw consent at any time.

You can also keep a record of users’ consents and their cookie preferences in a consent log. This can help you demonstrate your compliance during audits. And if you want to display the cookie banner only to visitors from the EU, UK, US, or California, you can enable the geo-targeting feature.

The privacy policy and cookie policy generators help you to create a Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy exclusively for your business, for free.

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