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UI Migration From Legacy Version

Last updated on April 2, 2024

CookieYes offers the option of migrating from the old UI (Legacy Version) to the new UI without losing the existing configurations, which include many new features and enhanced functionality.

Why Migration?

By migrating to the new and improved user interface, you can:

  • Display your website’s new cookie consent banner that complies with the WCAG guidelines.
  • Set the consent expiration period, enable/disable the cookies prior to the consent, show/hide categories on the banner, light/dark/custom colour scheme, translations for GDPR banner, privacy policy generator and other new free features.
  • Use the live preview feature (in three versions: mobile, tablet and desktop) while customising your banner.
  • Connect to the CookieYes web app to gain access to additional features such as cookie scanning, consent logging, etc. (Optional)

Heads Up before Migration

If you are migrating from the legacy version, note the following:

  • Cookie bar shortcodes and other shortcodes will be replaced with much more effortless customization methods.
  • You can now add custom CSS in place of the feature that previously allowed you to:
  • Change the font format of the cookie banner (available in the Premium plan).
  • Customize the position of the revisit consent button (From Right/Left Margin).
  • Changing the size of the button.
  • The following customization features will no longer be available:
    • Changing the button to link.
    • Redirecting to the URL on click.
    • Animate cookie banner (On Load/ On Hide).
    • Cookie banner to move with the page scroll.
    • Accept cookie consent on the page scroll or delay action on the cookie banner.
  • The option CCPA&GDPR for Select the type of law will only be available in the Pro or ultimate plan.
  • The popup layout for cookie banners will only be available in the Pro or Ultimate plans.
  • The feature to add scripts under the cookie categories (for cookies uncategorized during the CookieYes scanning) has been replaced to enhance security and for a much more straightforward method by adding scripts directly to the web pages and blocking those scripts before consent using Cookie Manager > Add Cookie > Advanced settings, and adding the pattern that identifies the script to the Script URL Pattern.

Migrating to new UI

To experience the new UI, please ensure that you have updated to the latest version, and then proceed with the following steps:

  1. Navigate to WordPress Dashboard > GDPR Cookie Consent.
  2. Add the query parameter &migrate=true at the end of your WordPress URL.
Add &migrate=true to the URL.
  1. Click the Start Migrate button in the message box.
How to Migration from old UI?

Check out how to set up and configure your cookie banner with the new plugin interface.

Rollback to the Previous UI

After migrating, if you are unsatisfied with the new UI and related changes, CookieYes makes it easy to roll back and return to the old UI.

You can switch back to the Old UI within 15 days of migration.

To roll back to the previous version, follow the below step:

  1. Navigate to WordPress Dashboard > CookieYes Dashboard.
  2. Click the Switch to old UI button.
Switch back to the Old UI

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