How to Add a Multilingual Cookie Consent Banner

If you have a website that has a multilingual target audience, then it is important that your cookie consent banner is also available in multiple languages. You can display a multilingual cookie consent banner with the CookieYes cookie consent solution.

To get started with CookieYes, create your account for free.

After you sign up, you will be directed to a setup screen. During the setup, you will be able to select the Default Language of your cookie banner.

Your default language is the one in which your cookie banner will be displayed in when users have not set a language preference.

To implement a multilingual banner that is auto-translated as per your visitor’s preferred language, follow the steps below.


Auto-translation is available for Basic, Pro and Ultimate plans. You will be able to display an auto-translated banner in any language as per your user’s language preference settings.

Cookie banner for multilingual websites

Step 1. From the side panel of your CookieYes account, select Languages.

Step 2. You can see the default language you have selected. You can click on the +Add Language to add other languages you want your cookie banner to be displayed in.

Step 3. You can select all the languages you need and then click on Add.

Step 4. Once you’ve added the required languages, you will see them listed here. You can click on Edit Content to change/adapt the content of your cookie banner in that language.

Step 5. On the new screen, you can see your Default Language on the left side and the language you want to Edit content in on the right side. You can then edit the content of the auto-translated text under Cookie Notice, Preference Center, Cookie List, Revisit Consent Button and Blocked Content.


CookieYes features 31 languages with in-built auto-translated content. You can use the default translation provided or customize the content.

Step 6. You can then enable Banner Preview on top and you will be able to preview the banner on your website (as shown below).

Step 7. When you have made all the required edits, you can click on Save & Publish to save these changes.

You have now enabled a multilingual cookie banner for your website!

If you are facing any issues with this, please reach out to technical support.