Implementing CookieYes on Squarespace

CookieYes GDPR cookie consent solution will help you to create a consent notification bar on your website created using Squarespace.

This can be done in very easy steps as follows.

Copy Code

After you are successfully registered, you will get the CookieYes cookie consent code. To implement CookieYes code on your Squarespace website, copy the CookieYes verification code.

You can also get the installation code from the Settings page on the dashboard. On the Settings page, you will be able to see your website listed. Click on the Get Script button against it and you will get a popup with the installation code. 

Login to Squarespace

Go to your Squarespace website and login to the admin area. From the admin panel of the website.

Add Code and Publish

Next, what you need to do is to place the code in your site's source code. For that, from the admin area, go to Settings.

Settings section for Squarespace

From Settings, go to Advanced.

Squarespace advanced settings

In the advanced settings, scroll down to Page Header Code Injection. Paste the code in this field and Save the settings.

Squarespace code injection

After you have saved the code, go to the user-end of the website to see whether the cookie banner is active or not.

Note: The feature to add custom code in Squarespace is only available to Premium users. 

Further Configuration of CookieYes

After the successful installation of the banner, you can make further customizations to the banner for it to look like a part of the website design. Go to the CookieYes dashboard for any changes to be made on the banner and for the easy management of cookies. 

You can read more about setting up CookieYes in the setup guide.

If you face any issues in the implementation of the CookieYes or require any clarification, reach out to our support team using the contact form here.