Implementing CookieYes on Joomla

CookieYes helps you create a cookie banner on your Joomla website and help you manage user consent for the cookies. All you need to do is to copy the installation code to your website source code and configure CookieYes to block the third-party cookie scripts before the user consent to it. 

This article will help you in CookieYes installation for Joomla.

Copy Installation Code

Copy the installation code that is available to you at the time of registration in Cookieyes. You can get the installation code from the Cookieyes dashboard as well should you decide to skip the part during registration. You can obtain the code from the Settings page on the CookieYes dashboard.

From the settings page, you will be able to see the list of the website that you have registered with CookieYes. From the list, click on the Get Script button against the website you want the code for. Copy this code to add it to your WordPress dashboard.

Add Code to Website

After you have copied the code in your website, login to your Joomla website. In your Joomla website, go to Extensions > Templates > Templates.

Select theme template from Joomla admin side

Here we see the templates available. In this article, we choose the Protostar Details and Files template.

Select theme to edit

Clicking on the template will lead you to the template editor page. Here click on index.php. You can now view the code, paste the CookieYes code here between the <body> </body> tags and Save the changes. You can alternatively paste the code between the <head> and </head> tags as per your preference.

Index.php file of Joomla

After adding the code, click on Save or Save & Close button. From the user-end of the website, you can see the CookieYes cookie consent banner displayed.

Joomla website front-end with CookieYes banner

Once implemented, the cookie banner will appear on your website. This banner can further be customized in CookieYes to match your website design.

Further CookieYes Customization

Now that you have a good looking cookie banner on your website, you have done the job of informing the users of your website's usage of cookies. Next up is the configuration of CookieYes, which involves the customization of the banner, if needed, and the blocking the cookie scripts based on consent.

You can read more about setting up CookieYes in the setup guide.

In case of any issue, while setting up or otherwise with CookieYes, you can contact our support team using our contact page.