How to Add a Reject Button on Your Cookie Consent Banner Using CookieYes?

The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) requires a ‘Reject’ button to be displayed on a cookie consent banner, along with the ‘Accept’ button. This is how the ICO has stated about it:

“A consent mechanism that emphasises ‘agree’ or ‘allow’ over ‘reject’ or ‘block’ represents a non-compliant approach, as the online service is influencing users towards the ‘accept’ option.”
Source: ICO

How to add a ‘Reject’ button using CookieYes?

If your website has a target audience from the UK, you are obliged to add a Reject button on your site’s cookie consent banner. And thus, you can enable your site visitors to refuse to accept your website’s use of cookies just by clicking on that Reject button.

CookieYes lets you create a cookie consent banner for your website and also helps to add an explicit Reject button on it. Furthermore, you could customize your Reject button (such as changing its border/background color, label text, etc.) to match your site’s theme and styles.

If you haven’t yet used CookieYes, sign up here for free and explore through our setup guide to understand how to set up a cookie consent banner on your website.

Read our blog GDPR Cookie Consent Banner Examples to see various examples of how various websites have created their cookie consent banners adhering to GDPR.

Here’s how CookieYes allows you to add a Reject button:

    Step 1: Sign in to your CookieYes account.

    Step 2: Head on to Consent Banner in the left panel > Navigate to Consent Type and click Change to change the consent type to Custom.
    CookieYes - Change consent type

    Only the custom consent type in CookieYes allows you to add a Reject button on your cookie consent banner. So before adding a Reject button, always remember to change the Consent Type to Custom.

    Check out the different consent types in CookieYes for further details.

    Step 3: Click the dropdown menu and choose Custom > Click Save.
    CookieYes - Setting up custom consent banner
    Step 4: Click Content and Color to expand the menu > Select the Buttons & links tab.

    Step 5: Under the Reject button, enable the Show button option using the toggle button.
    CookieYes - Enable Reject button
      Step 5.1: To change the background color of your Reject button, Under the Background, click on the color > Adjust the slider
      Enter the color code in the given text box to set the required background color. By clicking the up-down arrow, you could switch between HEX, RGBA, or HSLA color codes.
      Similarly, you could change the Text color and Border color according to your preference.
      CookieYes - Reject button - Background color
      Step 5.2: Under Label, you can change the text of the label, if needed.
      CookieYes - Change Reject label text

    Step 6: Click Save Changes to save all your settings.

    Step 7: If you have not yet added the CookieYes script to your website,
    From the dashboard, navigate to Site Settings > Click the Get script button
    CookieYes - Get script button
    Step 8: Click Copy code to copy the script > Paste it between the and tags of your website prior to all other scripts.
    CookieYes - Copy code
Now, have a look at how the Reject button will be displayed on a cookie consent banner. CookieYes cookie consent banner with Reject button

Cookie consent banner with ‘Reject’ button

If you have any doubts or queries regarding CookieYes, feel free to contact our support team.