Cookie Banner

 How many types of consent banner can I choose from?

There are three different types of consent banner. Info, Implicit, and Explicit.
Info – The cookies are loaded without consent.
Implicit – The categories are pre-checked, but the cookies are used only when the user accepts.
Explicit – The categories are turned off by default, cookies are not accepted when the corresponding category is enabled and accepted.

 What are the banner customization options?

There are different layouts for the banner to choose from and in addition to that, every element on the banner is customizable. For premium plans, you can also add additional CSS to the banner.

 How can I block cookies prior to consent?

To block cookies prior to user consent, you will have to remove the scripts that install these cookies from your website source code to the CookieYes Scripts page. More on this can be read from CookieYes documentation.


 How many websites can I add in my free account?

In a free account, you can only add one website. For adding more than one website, you need to subscribe to an upgraded plan for at least one website.

 How many websites can I add in a paid subscription plan?

In one account, you can have a maximum of 1 free subscription and multiple paid subscription plans.

 How do I upgrade my free plan to a paid subscription plan?

If you have a free account and want to upgrade the plan to any of the paid options, all you need to do is click on the upgrade button against your website listing and enter your payment details and you can enjoy your premium CookieYes services.

 What does each of the plans include?

Benefits included in each of these plans are included in the Features page.


 Can I cancel my CookieYes Subscription at any time?

Yes, subscriptions are renewed at the beginning of your subscription period. If you cancel during the subscription period, you will avail of the CookieYes till the end of the subscription period.

 I want to cancel my subscription, Is CooieYes refundable?

No, once you cancel the subscription, the amount deducted from the subscription renewal will not be refunded fully or partially. You can continue using the service until the end of the subscription period and you will not be charged again.

 What are the applicable taxes?

Taxes applied to the billing will depend on your country/location.