Implementing Cookie Banner for Multilingual Websites Using CookieYes

Last updated on October 20, 2021

GDPR (read our guide) and ePrivacy Directive (ePD) apply across all websites that receive traffic from the EU.  You could be operating a website from anywhere in the world, but you cannot escape these privacy laws. CookieYes’ cookie banner is fully customizable per your need, and with the help of our consent solution, your website will now automatically block cookies for third parties.

Most often, the language of the website is different from the language of the banner you have set. However, with CookieYes, you do not need to worry about it anymore. This article explains how you can activate this feature.

CookieYes offers auto-translation of the cookie banner for any of the preferred languages from our list. This feature is available in premium plans (Basic and Pro).

After creating the account and (or before) installing the banner, you will reach the dashboard. Here you can see the result of the cookie scan and consent log. From the left-hand side, select Site Settings.
Here you will see various options. To choose the languages for auto-translation, you must choose the preferred languages from Required Banner Languages.

CookieYes Site Settings

One advantage of selecting languages here is that it will reduce the number of code lines in the javascript required for the banner’s functioning.

Next, you need to go to Consent Banner and select Content. Here, you can see that the languages listed in Preview Language are the ones you chose in site settings. Select the preview language of the banner here. You can edit the banner content in that language so that it will auto-translate the content accordingly rather than what the browser or the system translates.

CookieYes banner customization

Click Save & Publish to save the changes.

For further detail on CookieYes configuration, please read this setup guide that explains in detail all the setup process.

If you have any issues or need our help, get in touch with our support team.

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