Cookies Installed by CookieYes and Their Purposes

Cookies are small text files that a website stores on the visitor’s device. They serve many purposes, like functional services, profiling, targeted advertising, and analytical observation. Learn more about cookies here. Just like any other website, CookieYes also sets cookies on the user’s system. This article lists some of the main CookieYes cookies and what purpose they serve.

Why Check Cookies on a Website?

Before proceeding, it will be worth knowing why one needs to check cookies on any website, for a start.

It does not matter if you are a webmaster or a user visiting a website; it is always beneficial to know of all the cookies that the website uses. Becoming aware of what is tracking the users and managing them will help your site to comply with the GDPR and the EU Cookie Law. If you are a visitor to the site, it is good to know what will be tracking you. You can then decide whether to allow them on your device.

CookieYes Cookies and Their Purposes

There are two ways CookieYes installs cookies on a user’s device – when they visit the CookieYes website or when they visit a website that uses the CookieYes banner. It mainly uses cookies to create unique IDs and to remember user preferences. All of them are necessary to ensure the proper running of the website. Let’s look at these cookies and their purpose.

cookieyesID: used to identify visitors based on their consent.

cky-consent: used to remember the user's preference for the usage of cookies on the website.

cookieyes-necessary: used to remember the user's consent to the use of "Necessary" cookies.

cookieyes-functional: used to remember the user's consent to the use of "Functional" cookies.

cookieyes-analytics: used to remember the user's consent to the use of "Analytics" cookies.

cookieyes-performance: used to remember the user's consent to the use of "Performance" cookies.

cookieyes-advertisement: used to remember the user's consent to the use of "Advertisement" cookies.

All the cookies mentioned expires in 11 months from the day they get installed. However, if they ever clear the cookies from their browsers, these cookies will be installed again the next time they visit the website.

Apart from these, third-party services used by the CookieYes website may also install cookies on the visitor’s browser for advertisement or analytical observation. The site will only load such cookies if the users give their consent to use them.

How to Check Cookies on a Website?

You can use your browser settings to check the cookies used by a website manually. This article explains how you can do it in different browsers. Or you can use free cookie checker tools that are available on the internet. One such tool is CookieServe. All you need to do is enter the URL of the website and then click on search. It will scan the URL and display a list of cookies that the page uses in a tabular form.  It includes the purpose, duration, and type of cookies.

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