What is Cookie Consent Manager?

Cookie Consent Manager for GDPR Compliance

Published on July 5, 2021

Consent is a key requirement under privacy regulations like the GDPR, ePrivacy Directive, CCPA (US), LGPD (Brazil) and many other privacy laws across the world. A cookie consent manager is a tool that helps websites to meet data privacy standards by obtaining users’ consent for collecting their data through cookies. Cookie consent tools help businesses to put their users in control of their personal data. 

What is a cookie consent manager?

A cookie consent manager allows businesses to easily manage and optimize user consent on websites. It facilitates businesses to informs users about the cookies used on a website and their purposes, collect valid consent from users and stores user consent for proof of compliance.

A good cookie consent tool will automate your cookie consent mechanism, save time, money and achieve full compliance. In the long haul cookie compliance not only protects you from the big fines but also builds transparency and privacy-conscious growth for your business.

How do you get cookie consent?

Cookie consent is collected through cookie banners that can be easily deployed using a cookie consent tool. Businesses that process users’ personal data need to display a cookie consent banner on their website asking for user permission. 

A cookie banner should enable users to exercise choice with regard to cookie consent.  A cookie banner should inform users that only strictly necessary cookies will be used without consent, and the other categories of cookies are subject to the user’s permission. Users should be able to understand that cookies are deployed by a website and give or deny consent using a positive, deliberate action.

Cookie consent banner from CookieYes Cookie Consent Manager
This simple cookie banner from CookieYes displays both accept and reject buttons as well as the option to change cookie preferences. Users can give opt-in consent for different cookie categories.
CookieYes Cookie Consent Manager
CookieYes banner features a second layer where you can display a cookie audit table with detailed information regarding cookies.

For GDPR cookie consent, cookie banners should ask for explicit consent from users and not use pre-ticked boxes or ‘on’ toggle switches. Implicit consent messages like ‘By using this website you agree to the use of cookies are not GDPR compliant and could attract hefty fines. Not only should it allow users to give consent but also to indicate their cookie preferences. The user should be able to consent (or deny) to the use of certain categories of cookies and trackers i.e. exercise granular consent. 

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Why do you need a cookie consent manager?

It’s a million-dollar question, quite literally. French regulator, CNIL slapped Google with €100 million, and Amazon with a €35 million fine for dropping cookies without consent. (Read the full story on CNIL’s fine here.) This is just one example of why cookie consent is important for any business big or small. 

Now, if you think since your business does not cater to Europe, you are excused from cookie banners, we have tough news. There is really no ‘GDPR-free’ zones for businesses as similar laws have come up across the world including state-level data privacy laws in the US. For instance, CCPA compliance requires that websites have an opt-out mechanism and clear disclosure of cookie policy. Cookie consent managers can help you comply with multiple privacy regulations under one roof.

A cookie banner on your website does not guarantee compliance. GDPR compliance requires user consent to be stored for proof of compliance. There should be a clear trail of users consent and businesses should be able to provide proof of consent in case of regulatory scrutiny. The best way to do this is to use a cookie consent manager that can also automatically block third-party cookies such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Hotjar, and YouTube until you get user consent until the visitor has provided consent.

CookieYes Cookie Consent Manager
CookieYes has a simple dashboard to manage everything from cookie banner, script blocking to consent log and cookie policy.

A cookie policy or privacy policy is another important requirement under both GDPR and CCPA. An all-in-one cookie consent solution can ensure that your website has an accurate and updated cookie policy. In a robust cookie consent tool, cookie policy and privacy policy is integrated along with the scanning and monitoring of cookies on your website. You can initiate a regular cookie scan of your website, and the newfound cookies and scripts will be automatically updated as part of your privacy policy or cookie policy, guaranteeing that they always are up to date and accurate.

What can a cookie consent manager do?

Cookie consent management requires time, and often technical know-how to understand the workings of cookies on your website and implementing cookie banners, script blocking, recording user consent etc.  Compliance also requires detailed insights into the privacy regulation like GDPR and CCPA, this is where a cookie consent manager can come in handy. All your compliance requirements are consolidated in a single dashboard in a cookie consent manager. 

Customized cookie banner

First impressions matter. Display cookie consent banners providing transparent information about cookie usage. Customize your banner as per the design and branding of your website.

Geo-targeted and auto-translated banner

You don’t have to display GDPR cookie consent banners to visitors from outside the EU, instead, you may have to display CCPA notice. Make your website’s user experience fluid with geo-targeted cookie banners that is also auto-translated as per the browser’s preferred language/geo-location. 

CookieYes Cookie Consent Manager
CookieYes features detailed customizations like geo-targeting, auto-translation and consent callback button so users can revisit their consent.

Not only should your user be able to manage and set their cookie preferences, but you should also be able to manage and categorize the cookies used on your website and give users the granular option to accept or reject specific cookie categories.

Website scanner

A website scanner is important to check cookies deployed by your website, update the cookie audit table as well as the cookie and privacy policy. This helps you to ensure that your website is compliant for all the cookies that you use.

Auto-blocking option

Only strictly necessary cookies can be set on a website before user consent. This means third-party cookies cannot be loaded on a website unless the user gives explicit consent. 

Store user consent

To demonstrate compliance, you have to keep a record of user consent given by visitors to your website. User’s masked IP addresses with date/time stamps should be recorded for up to 12 months from the last site visit. 

Websites should be able to link their cookie or privacy policy in their cookie banners. The policy should be up to date and integrated with the cookie scanner to reflect the cookies added or deleted from your website. 

Revisit consent 

Users should be able to withdraw or change their cookie consent as easily as they could give consent. This means placing a widget on your website through which users can revisit the cookie banners and modify their consent.

Are you on the lookout for a cookie consent manager that can do all this, yet is easy to integrate and cost-effective? CookieYes is your answer.

CookieYes – GDPR and CCPA compliant cookie consent manager

CookieYes is a powerful cookie consent solution for cookie management and compliance. It is easy to implement and flexible to suit your website’s needs. CookieYes is not just a foolproof solution for GDPR and CCPA but also helps you comply with ePrivacy Directive, CNIL, PDPA (Singapore) and LGPD.

You can display a custom, fully responsive cookie consent banner in over 30 widely spoken languages, use consent banners with different consent types, record consent logs for proof of compliance and conduct in-depth cookie audits.

CookieYes Cookie Consent Manager
CookieYes features a consent log that records all user consents for proof of compliance. Only the masked IP addresses are logged.

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CookieYes supports a built-in Do Not Track (DNT) feature, automatic script blocking, advanced CSS customization and can be integrated with 11+ most-used CMS.

With the cookie policy generator, you can create a custom cookie policy that is automatically updated with every cookie scan. With continuous updates, CookieYes ensures that you are always prepared for any upcoming regulations.

You can take CookieYes for a test drive and see it for yourself!

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