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ccpa and gdpr

CCPA and GDPR: An Overview and Comparison of the Laws

Does your online business revolve around consumer data in any manner? Then several concerns about th...

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Why and How Digital Marketers Must Comply With the GDPR

Why and How Digital Marketers Must Comply With the GDPR?

You might have reached this article because you’re a digital marketer. Did I guess right? Okay! Pe...

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Making Your WooCommerce Store GDPR-Ready

Towards Making Your WooCommerce Store GDPR-Ready

Do you target European markets for your online sales? If so, you are obliged to comply with the Gene...

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IP Anonymization

IP Anonymization in Google Analytics for GDPR Compliance

Google Analytics is all about tracking and analyzing individual visitor activities on a website. So ...

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cookie policy

Cookie Policy: How to Create One to Comply With GDPR

In the year 2020, as a website owner, you must be aware of what cookies are and what they do and w...

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GDPR Cookie Consent Banner Examples

Cookie consent banners are small pop-up notifications that appear on the first visit to a web page. ...

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Cookie Banners in GDPR

Cookie banners have become a norm on many of the websites. Almost all websites, as a consequence of ...

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privacy policy for website

How To Generate a Privacy Policy For Your Website

A privacy policy page is a detailed account of your data collection process that a website discloses...

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google consent mode

Supporting Google Consent Mode

User consent in the digital world has become quite a hot topic, thanks to the data privacy laws like...

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EDPB Guidelines for Cookies and Cookie Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a data protection and privacy regulation introduced...

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Ultimate Guide to Cookies, Consent, and Compliance

Cookies — Yes, it sounds palatable! But now we’re not referring to those sweet, savory chunks! W...

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CCPA compliance checklist

The CCPA Compliance Checklist for Your Business

The Internet data privacy laws, including the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) has alread...

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Opt -in Vs. Opt-out: How to implement each

Opt-in Vs Opt-out: What they are and How to Implement Each

What Are Opt-in And Opt-out? Opt-in is an affirmative action of giving/seeking user consent.  Now a...

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CCPA and cookies what you need to know

CCPA and Cookies: What You Need To Know

The Cambridge Analytica scandal, which brought to the limelight the improper sharing of the personal...

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Consent Types

Different Consent Types in CookieYes

Cookie banners are small pop-up notices that appear on the first visit to a website. They display in...

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